Distraction Junkie

Rebelsoul NFT
Jan 9, 2024


Look here! look here! look here!

I have something you need to see,

Give me your attention!

Give me your attention.


I will set you free.

Your mind is not your own,

You’ve been possed,

your selfhood dethroned,

Kept in an emotional state,

This is the control mechanism of the state,

Make them fear, make them Worry,

They will be our distraction junkies,

So unfamiliar with the feeling of life,

They will run to comfort,

Forgoing the fire of life.

Let’s feed them full,

Keep them occupied,

Festivals, disasters and genocide,

Keep feeding their minds,

From school, to church,

Keep feeding their minds,

Our living robots.

Their soul is power,

They are our fuel,

Keep their mind busy,

They remain our tool.