How Do Birds Fly?

3 min readMar 31, 2023

A Poem by RebelSoul

How do birds fly, so effortlessly and free?

With each flap of their wings,

and each glide on the breeze,

In perfect harmony with the world they see,

A dance of nature, with no need for a decree.

Oh, how they are in tune with their environment,

In tune with the rhythm of the wind and firmament,

Their wings beating in time, like a symphony,

A masterpiece of flight, for all to see.

With each flap, they rise higher and higher,

As if reaching for the heavens, with a burning desire,

Then, with a graceful glide, they float and sway,

In perfect balance, like a dance on a fine ballet.

How do they do it, one might ask?

How do they navigate, without a map or task?

They listen to the whispers of the wind,

And follow the rhythm, that nature has pinned.

Oh, how important it is, to be in tune,

With the world around us, both sun and moon,

To flow like a river,

To bend like a reed,

To embrace the changes,

That life may lead.

Let us learn from the birds, and be in sync,

With the world that surrounds us, let us think,

Let us be mindful, of every step we take,

For only then, can we truly be awake.

For just like the birds, we too can fly,

With a heart that is open,

and a spirit that is high,

Let us flap our wings,

and glide with grace,

And dance with the universe, in a sacred space.