Perfect Imperfections

2 min readMar 31, 2023

A poem by RebelSoul

Oh, dear soul, why do you hide?

Why do you fear to reveal inside?

Is it the fear of judgment and shame,

Or the fear of not fitting into the game?

But, dear soul, let me tell you true,

The importance of being authentic is not new,

For within you lies the spark of the divine,

The light of God that is meant to shine.

It’s time to shed the cloak of pretense,

And let your true self be in presence,

For in your authenticity lies your power,

The ability to move mountains and towers.

Let the world see the real you,

For that’s what makes you beautiful and true,

Embrace your flaws and imperfections,

For they are the hallmarks of your unique expression.

So, dear soul, let your light shine,

Reveal the God in you, so divine,

For in your authenticity lies your strength,

The power to transcend and go to great lengths.

Love and Blessings Family.