3 min readMar 25, 2023

“When the student is ready the teacher will arrive”. If you are reading this you have asked to be awaken to the truth behind the myths, that is being used to control us, to convince us to give up our power.


For too long the concept of sin has been used to manipulate us into action based on fear of punishment from the “big man” up in the sky, but when did you last considered what sin really is?

The reality of sin takes on a different meaning than it does in traditional religious frameworks. Rather than being seen as a violation of a moral or ethical code, when rightly understood, sin is as a state of consciousness that is separate from the divine source.

Sin = to be seperate from.

Christ Consciousness teaches us that at our core, we are all expressions of the divine. However, due to our human nature and the conditioning of our minds, we can become disconnected from this source. This disconnection is what is referred to as sin.

The true concept of sin, then, is not about right and wrong actions or behaviours. It is about a state of being that is out of alignment with our true nature as expressions of the divine. This state of being can manifest as negative thoughts, emotions, or behaviours, but the root of the problem is not in these outward expressions. It is in the underlying consciousness that gives rise to them.

In this sense, sin is not something to be judged or condemned. It is something to be recognised and overcome. Through practices such as meditation and prayer, we can become more aware of our true nature and begin to align ourselves with the divine source. As we do so, the negative states of consciousness that we previously identified as sin begin to dissolve and we become more aligned with our true nature.

Sin means to “be without”. Only in the presence of sin is enlightenment possible. When we add the light of awareness to sin, we become “in light” (enlightened) . We can see the truth behind the veil we have seen before.

The teachings of Christ Consciousness offer us a new way of understanding sin and our relationship to the divine. Rather than being something to be feared or avoided, sin is a reminder of our inherent connection to the divine and an opportunity to grow and evolve into more conscious and compassionate beings.

Sin is but ignorance of our true face,

A veil that obscures our inner grace.

We wander lost in this mortal place,

Until we seek the truth with steady pace.

Our souls yearn to be free and unbound,

To shed the illusions that keep us bound.

The truth is there, waiting to be found,

To lift us up and turn our world around.

Let go of fear, of judgment, of shame,

And open your heart to the divine flame.

For in that light, there is no sin or blame,

Only love, only truth, only the eternal game.

So come, my friend, and join me on this quest,

To discover the truth that lies within our breast.

For when we find it, we will be truly blessed,

And all sin, all darkness, will be laid to rest.

Love and Blessing to you family. May you awaken to the god in you, and experience that face as your living identity.