Spirituality is expression of self.

2 min readApr 3, 2023

A Poem by RebelSoul.

Spirituality, the path to grace,

Is not some distant, lofty place,

It’s in the beating of our hearts,

The way we live, and play our parts.

For we are gods, in human form,

Each a unique expression, born,

To live and love, to laugh and cry,

To dance beneath the endless sky.

The key to unlocking our divine,

Is not to seek, or to define,

But simply to express, to be,

The truest, most authentic me.

For in the depths of our soul,

Lies the source of all control,

The power to create, to manifest,

To bring forth our hearts’ behest.

And when we share ourselves with love,

Our god nature shines above,

In every word, and every deed,

A sacred offering to heed.

So let us shed the masks we wear,

And let our true selves shine,

and dare, To live the life we’re meant to live,

And all our fears and doubts outgive.

For in the end, it’s simply this,

Our authentic selves, a bliss,

A way to connect with all that is,

And find our way back home, to bliss.

Love and Blessing Family.