Rebelsoul NFT
Mar 30, 2023


In the vastness of the cosmos above,

We are the suns of love,

Radiating warmth and light,

Shining bright with all our might.

Our hearts are the source of our fire,

Burning with a passionate desire,

To spread love and joy far and wide,

And erase all hatred and divide.

We dance and spin with grace and ease,

In sync with the cosmic breeze,

Filling the universe with our glow,

And watching the magic unfold below.

Our light illuminates every soul,

Making them feel whole,

Bringing peace to troubled hearts,

And tearing down all the walls.

So let us be the suns of love,

Guiding all to the divine above,

For in our hearts, we hold the key,

To unlock the door to eternity.

Love and Blessing Family.