Take back your love!

Rebelsoul NFT
2 min readJan 12, 2024


Do you really want love?

Is your happiness pure, is your mind open, does love have to look a certain way for you to accept it?

You want a gentle love, you want a soft love, you want a kind love.

I cannot give you this bastard’s child, mutilated, and malformed, malnourished love, this is not the love I know. I know love in all shapes and forms, in arguments, in Judgement, in war, in disgrace, in dishonour, in disagreement I still know love, in raised voices I still know love, in betrayal I still know love, I still see love. Yes I have your gentle love too, but don’t limit my love to your softness, to your one dimensional being, to your own limitations and fear of multi-dimensional, totally of love. No! give me that pureeeeee love, that shape shifting love, that angry love, that passionate love, that willing to destroy the world love, that love that knows all, that sees all, give me THAT love. That fearless love. THAT LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS ALL.

Your love has always been conditional, conditional love for a limited conditional being.

The leaves love the wind just as much in the storm as in the gentle breeze, accepting the hurricane, with loud dancing and singing, loving the gentle breeze with a gentle sway. That natural love, that RASTA, that divine love, that love that knows no personality, that accepts all as love, that experiences all as love.

This is the love I want, this is the love I can offer. This is the love of kings and queens, this is the love of gods. This is the love of gods.