The birth of god in every moment.

2 min readMar 27, 2023

Select every thought with care and create as god creates.

Christ conscious, divine and true, the source of all we see and do, in every atom, every cell; the energy of love does dwell. From this wellspring of endless grace, all physical forms find their place; The mountains tall, the oceans wide are but reflections of this guide.

The trees that sway, the birds that sing all testify to this great thing. The source of life, the force of being from which all things are seen, unseeing. For in this mind divine all of creation does align, the universe in perfect order; each part a piece of this grand border.

So let us open up our hearts and let this love in every part guide our thoughts, our words, our deeds and let it fill our every need. For in this love, this sacred light all things are possible and bright The source of all physical forms is but the love that mind transforms.

Love and blessing to you Family.