The Creative Power of Mind.

2 min readApr 1, 2023

A Poem by RebelSoul

Oh, the power of the mind, a gift divine,

Yet how often we use it for ill design.

With every thought, we shape our reality,

And in error, we create our own mortality.

When we let our fears and doubts take hold,

Our thoughts become dark, our hearts grow cold.

We create a world of suffering and pain,

And forget that our thoughts hold such great reign.

We must remember that the mind is a tool,

A power to create, to love, and to rule.

But when we use it for greed and hate,

Our world becomes a barren, lonely fate.

Let us instead turn to the light,

And use our minds to create what’s right.

To build a world of love and peace,

And let our thoughts bring all suffering to cease.

For the mind is a powerful thing,

A tool to create, to heal, to sing.

Let us use it wisely, with love and care,

And create a world where all can thrive and fare.

So let us remember, in error or not,

That our thoughts shape our world, like it or not.

And with the power of the mind as our guide,

We can create a world where love will always abide.

Love anf Blessings Family.