The multi-dimensional journey.

Rebelsoul NFT
2 min readFeb 4, 2024


It’s a confusing topic spirituality. Am I co-creating, or am I just the observer that should not aim to change the observed?

What is the essence of my creative force and how does it work?

How the hell do I drive this ship?

Awaiting passenger – NFT by Rebelsoul

I’ve been Having some very new old thoughts about what it means to be me.

No matter what changes there is a part that never feels free,

I walk with courage and so miracles do manifest,

Something shines forth from me, but not on me?

A light shining outwards that I cannot see..

A thought flutters in, maybe another distraction of the mind,

or maybe it’s Inspired from some place divine,

It says that yes, you have all now,

Everything you can imagine being is happening in this moment,

You are the captain of this ship,

Travelling multiple dimensions through it,

Changing frequencies of reception,

Travelling frequencies of perception,

Each channel a unique connection.

Clear the antenna, find whatever station you like,

Life is always an experience based on the frequency you ride.

I am a creator, a creator of frequencies and vibes,

I control the magnetic, she control the guise.

Grancanaria- the floating island as seen from my work away.

When so far up in the sky, the air works different, the spirit speaks more clearly. Technology is a background frequently, life happens more fully, love is felt more strongly, energy is needed, energy management is needed, water management is needed, inside and out, it’s a different life.

A dog that only plays with rocks.

2 wise cats – patient and calm.

1- super intelligent chicken (black beauty) that doesn’t like too many

Cocks around.

3 – guinepigs, that squid with joy as food comes.

3 – kids, full of questions and energy and emotions and love.

2 – parents breathing life back into the land and into their guests.

3 – voulenteers including me, working/living/building in paradise.

The many spirits of the winds, of the clouds, of the water and of the earth.

If all of my planning had been successful,I would not have planned well enough to experience the utter magic of these moments.