What is Fate?

Rebelsoul NFT
3 min readApr 7, 2023


Destiny/Fate/Will/Divine Masculine: The vibration of Growth and Development

Freewill/Creative aspect/ Divine Feminine= The forms we create and experience in the physical world while experiencing our destined vibrations.

Consider planting this thought in the mind:

I create the physical world I experience through the thoughts I give space in my mind. I am destined to grow and develop forever for that is my nature, my fate and my inescapable destiny. I will experience many different types of vibrations on this journey. I recognise these vibrations as a great source of power. I recognise that whatever I hold in my mind as I experience these vibrations, will condense to create the physical things I experience in my world. I will use my power to create responsibly, by holding a positive mind through all of the moments and vibrations I experience, in this way I create a positive world for myself and all those I love.

Oh, Fate, our destiny divine, Guiding us on this cosmic line, A dance of vibrations, pure and true, That our minds create, both old and new.

A symphony of light and sound, In every moment, it can be found, A tapestry of colours bright, Woven by our souls’ sheer might.

For each vibration, a unique form, A swirling dance, a soulful norm, A canvas painted with our desires, A journey fuelled by inner fires.

The mind, a master weaver’s loom, Creating shapes from cosmic plume, Weaving thoughts and dreams so fine, Designing our reality’s design.

The joys and sorrows, highs and lows, The laughter and tears, the ebbs and flows, All woven into our life’s design, A tapestry of fate’s grand design.

Embrace the vibrations, dark and light, As they lead us on this cosmic flight, For every experience we embrace, Releases a vibration, its own unique trace.

So let us dance, with hearts so free, Embracing fate’s sweet mystery, Releasing patterns that no longer serve, And creating new forms with love’s pure curve.

So let us dance and let us play, In this cosmic symphony every day, Knowing that fate, our destiny, Is but a journey to set us free.